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Mythos Legal Eagle Scores Victory in Historic Patent Case

Preston Lavery was handed another win today when his legal team, led by attorney Lillian Walker, managed to secure the rights to a patent once held by famous local inventor Tate Nithercott. Mr. Nithercott, once described by his neighbors as a menace to public safety, died in 1964 following a freak accident in which he electrocuted himself with a fusion-powered waffle iron. Prior to his death, however, he claimed to have developed a working “floaty slab” and patented his design.

According to documents secured by Beagle reporters, Nithercott’s “floaty slab” resembles a modern-day hoverboard and is powered through by a complex electromagnetic system. Sources close to the case said that Mr. Lavery plans to further develop Nithercott’s patent, with future large-scale hoverboard manufacturing on the horizon.

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