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Origin Backs Buoys After Another Ganesh Gaffe

Origin Software made a generous donation today to the local chapter of the National Historic Buoy Association, following an argument between the Association’s president Gerald Griswold and Ravi Ganesh, head of development at Origin. A source claims Mr. Ganesh refused to integrate the Association’s logo into a new cataloging system developed by Origin. The logo, featuring a finback whale dancing between two buoys, apparently offended Mr. Ganesh’s vision for the program.

Sam Owens typically smooth-talked the situation back into calm waters by offering the NHBA a sizeable donation for its dock-front museum. Appearing with Mr. Griswold late yesterday in front of the NHBA museum, Mr. Owens made no mention of the argument between Ganesh and Griswold but did comment that he was happy to support the preservation of historic buoys in the Port Bristol area.

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