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New Mythos Software Skyscraper Approved By City Council

Preston Lavery’s latest real estate development venture was greenlit today in a close vote by the Port Bristol City Council. The concerns of residents in recent city council meetings that Mr. Lavery’s plans did not appear to enhance the historic waterfront district, as is required by any new developments brought to the council for approval, were taken into consideration but ultimately did not sway the vote.

Labeled a “modern monstrosity” by opponents of the building, the new Mythos Software headquarters will now reside within spitting distance of rival Origin Software’s main offices. Origin CEO Sam Owens is reported to have worked behind-the-scenes to prevent Lavery’s project from moving forward but a last-minute vote found the council members split three to two in favor of Mr. Lavery.

Psychic powers aren’t needed to know that Owens must be stinging from another loss to Lavery. Chances are this fight will continue well beyond the permitting and construction process.

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